The writing and publication of a thematic and hefty set of justice books by Edalat University in cooperation with Jurisprudence foundation
The writing and publication of a thematic and hefty set of justice books by Edalat University in cooperation with Jurisprudence foundation

In order to bring about a scientific and cultural expansion, Edalat University has published opinions and public thoughts and approaches of grand ayatollah Hashemi Shahrodi Dam Zele and has tried to publish a valuable book (Justice Scriptures). This book is a collection of his speeches and words when he was the head of Islamic Republic’s judiciary and is published in 10 volumes in a thematic form, based on society needs. The resources are mentioned and the book is published in a befitting style. By publishing the words of this devoted scholar who has a great understanding of the issues of our time, a wide knowledge of juridical and cultural matters, and successful judicial and directorial experiences, Edalat University intended to do its own duty in expansion of Islamic science and culture, and the promotion of righteous teachings of Ahl al-bait (AS) and by god’s will, be included in the blessings and grace of Imam Zaman (AS).


Islamic Thought

To be a protector of Islam means to learn all the Islamic teachings and watch over them. Watching over them means that the person should avert any doubts by a rational and scientific argument and this is indeed a great deed. There is a need to have complete knowledge over different Islamic sciences including Jurisprudence, the principles, the words, the interpretations, hadiths and rejal. One needs to learn the holy speeches of our last prophet and Imams (AS) which are in fact the two main pillars in sharia. These pillars are like two boiling springs, no matter how much our scholars, elders and researches try, they can’t reach the depths and the bottom of The Holy Koran and The Luminous Words of The Prophet and Imams (AS). We always find some new points in them which could be practiced in a better way if the conditions were changed and so, there is a need for a never-ending effort and ijtihad.


To fight the Corruptions

To fight economic corruptions doesn’t merely mean punishment. To fight with anomalies and crimes doesn’t mean getting the person, whipping him or putting him in prison. This is the simple and basic form of fighting. The correct way of fighting is to take every aspect and issue into consideration and fight in a way that anomalies and corruptions go away with the least cost and a ground for growth and progress is built.

In other words, one of the basic pillars of fighting is prevention. It is to do something that a crime won’t happen again, because if we can’t stop a crime from happening, it’s going to happen again and again.


Civil Rights

Our constitution is great and progressive and is based on Islamic values and justice. In Islamic jurisprudence too, there is an emphasis on judicial justice and preserving the rights and dignity of humans. The principle of innocence, the objectiveness of the judge and the judiciary, the equality between the two sides in the court, the judicial morals and descriptions which are included in the jurisprudence, all manifest Islam emphasis on preserving human’s dignity and rights. In action too, we have shining historical examples such as the judgments of Imam Ali (AS), the commander of the faithful, which makes every human, including Moslems and non-Moslems very fond of that imam.


The Judicial Charter

Judiciary is the manifest of velayat, Islamic government and the rule of Islam, and the result of the messages of the prophets and the offering of books and divine sharia by god. It’s the true face of velayat because the judiciary and the seat of judgment are to have power and velayat over the lives, the goods and the rights of people. From an Islamic point of view, velayat is exclusively for the great god and those who have been bestowed with this right by god or those who are given velayat by these people.

In many verses of Koran, the verdict between the people and giving judgment is truthfully associated with the prophets and their caliphate from god is the basis of the verdict between the people.


Islamic Awakening

To cause dispute in the Islamic nation is the easiest way for the enemies to realize their evil goals and therefore they try to light the fire of separation inside the Islamic nation. Every blasphemous deed and sedition after the triumph of Islamic revolution and realization of Islamic awaking in the entire Islam world was done by the great evil, the USA and its followers in the region. The USA and its lackeys in the region wish to exonerate themselves from these barbaric crimes and present these crimes as the natural result of Islamic awakening and Islamic thought throughout the world and blacken the luminous face of Islam which is a religion of justice, humanity and unification.


Monitoring and Investigation

In Islamic jurisprudence, laws and literature, all the duties we have towards justice and piety are mentioned. In Koran’s verses, hadiths, speeches of Nahjol Balagha and prayers, there are even rules denoting the smallest responsibilities towards justice and piety, along with a justice of the highest kind which is asked from the ruler and the agent of Islamic government. The message is that humans should move towards becoming piteous. The true change and revolution for the humans is to change towards piety. Most of the areas of people’s lives are out of the sight of disciplinary forces and therefore piety can only be achieved through an inner factor that doesn’t let the individual to err in any conditions.

To fight with corruptions - Velayat-e faqih

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