An agreement of cooperation between the two universities of Edalat and Imam Sadegh (AS)
An agreement of cooperation between the two universities of Edalat and Imam Sadegh (AS)
On the 11th of Ordibehesht, 1395, the president of Edalat University, hojatoleslam valmoslemin Dr. Mohammad Hossein Bayati, along with some of the other academic staff of that university, attended a meeting in Imam Sadegh university to sign an agreement of cooperation. This meeting was attended by hojatoleslam valmoslemin Dr. Mohammad Saeed Mahdavi Kani, Hojatol Eslam Valmoslemin Dr. Sadi, head of theology, Islamic teachings and guidance division, Dr. Peighami, research assistant, and Dr. Azimi, the supervisor of cooperation office and the scientific community of Imam Sadegh University.
In the beginning, Hojatoleslam Dr. Bayati expressed his pleasure to be in Imam Sadegh Alayhe Sallam University and gave some explanations about the scientific situation and structure, and facilities of Edalat University. He called the research-led approach of Edalat University a means to create scientific texts for Hoze and university, and also a way to educate researchers in this field. Dr. Bayati also named the two pillars of a transformational outlook on human sciences. First is the teaching of Islamic matters to students and the second is to move toward a unity in the content of researches. After that, The president of Edalat University, after stating the purpose of his university which was to move towards the second pillar, talked about the endeavors done in this path and the presentation of the created contents to Hoze and the university.
Hojatoleslam Bayati, after clarifying the admission conditions of students as having Masters and PHD degrees and at least 4 years of studying abroad, presented the purpose of his university as upbringing some warriors in different fields including laws, economy, management, psychology, etc. The president of Edalat university then talked about the need to hold long courses spanning over 10 years to give the students a dominance over Islamic pivotal matters and the need to also attract students with bachelor degree so that, they could teach basic topics to these students and prepare them for entrance into higher levels. It’s worth mentioning that Edalat University, currently, teaches students and researchers in two levels of Masters and PHD and in future years have plans to also attract bachelors.
Edalat University was founded in 1392, with the intellectual and spiritual guidance of Ayatollah Hashemi Shahrudi (Dam Zelel Varef) and right now has over 70 academic staff and 507 students. Currently, their first students are writing their thesis. Although the educational and research emphasis of this university is mostly on juridical and legal subjects, it also has students in other fields of human sciences such as management and psychology. Lately, this university has managed to sign some agreements to hold courses on teaching judges, the first semester of which starts in the fall of the present year.
After that, Dr. Mahdavi Kani, the president of Imam Sadegh (AS) University started by expressing his pleasure about writing this mutual agreement between two universities and continued by talking about the readiness of Imam Sadegh (AS) University to offer its experiences in handling management issues, student selection, etc. Dr. Mahdavi Kani then talked about some experiences of Imam Sadegh (AS) University and upheld independence of non-profit organizations in the field of Islamic human sciences as a necessity. In addition to stressing the importance of educational and research matters, he named dealing with educational matters of students as one of the main concerns of his university. Finally, Dr. Mahdavi Kani outlined the educational and research fields in which the two universities could have cooperation. 
Hojatoleslam Dr. Sadi, the president of theology division in Imam Sadegh (AS) University, who has some past Who has experiences teaching at Edalat University, also talked. After expressing his pleasure for the writing of this agreement for scientific cooperation between the two universities, He mentioned the similar thinking and purposes of the universities and called this relation and cooperation of the two sides as a path to more success for both of them.
this meeting calminated insigning of the MOU by the Presidents.
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