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International Students Admission Bylaw For MS and PhD Plans
International Students Admission Bylaw For MS and PhD Plans


In order to extend both cultural and scientific relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran with other countries and also to achieve imperatives defined by the Grand Ayatollah Shahroudi on training committed and professional people and also given the Edalat University’s mission on proposing a part of the country’s educational facilities, based on the Islamic worldview, to the talented youth of other Muslim nations and also introducing the Islamic revolution values and admitting international students in accordance with the act 30 April, 1992 of the International Promotions Council of the government and budget Law (2003) of the third economic, social and cultural development plan of the country, every year foreign students who are interested in education in MS and PhD plans of the Edalat University are admitted based on this bylaw.


Various Types of International Admissions

International students are admitted in four curricula:

A)   Admitting students in curricula in which lessons and tests are offered in Persian Languages;

B)    Admitting students curricula in which lesson and tests are offered in English Language;

C)    Admitting students curricula in which lesson and tests are offered in Arabic Language;

D)   Admitting students curricula in which lesson and tests are offered as a combination of paragraphs A-C.

E)    Admitting students in a joint form (in terms of regulations of bylaw for common students of Edalat University)


Admission Council

The Admission Council is determined and formed in the first session after approving this bylaw by the Edalat University's International Affairs Council and its International Affairs Deputy. This council has five members who must have experience of working in the international field. Head of the council is appointed by the International Affairs Deputy of the Edalat University. Commission of members of the council will be signed by the chancellor of Edalat University. This council's mission duration, regarding the nature of joint venture contracts and international admission agreements, is 5 years, which can be extended by the workgroup or the international Affairs Deputy.

The admission council is tasked with committing terms of the bylaw and reporting to the university's International Affairs Council and International Affairs Deputy. Speaking about its administrative structure, this council and its management are controlled by the Edalat University's International Deputy.


This council is composed of the following members:

1.    Chancellor of the university or his advisor

2.    International Affairs Deputy or his advisor

3.    One of Trustee Board's members or advisor of the trustee board

4.    One of legal members of the international workgroup

5.    One of faculty and international faculties of the international workgroup


Article 1: The general terms of admitting students in MS and Ph.D. plans are as follows:

1.    Having a BA or MS degree related to the academic major in question or any other equal degree, which is verified by the qualified authorities of the country and is evaluated by the Students Affairs Department of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology;

Note 1: Those applicants whose academic degree is not matched with the terms specified in article 1 of this bylaw are allowed to enroll only after observing the condition and matching his/her degree with the Iranian ones by the Students Affairs Department;

Note 2: Foreign nationals who are graduated from the Iranian universities are exempted from evaluation terms;

Note 3: Performing procedures and administrative rituals of the students introduced by the representatives of the Edalat University.

Note 4: In LMS courses, lessons and tests are offered in English Language.

2.    All mentioned degrees must be verified by the I.R. Iran representation in the origin country and/or Foreign Affairs Ministry.

3.    Introduction letter from three faculty members of the previous university who must verify and confirm the scientific quality of the applicant; general competence of the applicants must be verified by the qualified authorities to start and continue their education.

4.    A valid medical certificate showing the applicant is free from drug addiction and contagious diseases

5.    All foreign applicants need to achieve at least score 14 in a test in Persian Language;

6.    Foreign nationals who interested in participating in postgraduate training courses in Iran, both who have educated in Iran or other countries, are obliged to pay their tuition with USD, Euro or any other foreign currency which is specified by the manager of International Students Admission Department.


2. Application procedure and supervision

The Admission Council is the authority appointed to deal with and examine all applications issued by both applicants who live in Iran or any other countries in the world and all received documents should be sent to this council for further studies.

Note 5: The Admission Council determined beginning and end date of admission.

Note 6: The Admission Council, which is presided by the manager of admission, is bound to perform necessary coordination via the Foreign Affairs Ministry and Islamic Culture and Guidance Ministry and also to make applicants informed on terms to educate in the Edulat University through all possible ways. It is conducted using brochures containing all necessary information in English, French, Arabic, German by Iranian embassies and consulates to other countries and also by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology inside the country.


3. Terms of admission and education of Iranian students in postgraduate plans

1. In accordance with the following terms, those applicants who had received their previous degree from one of foreign universities are allowed to participate in the entrance test of the Edalat University:

2. Before beginning, it is necessary to register their documents in the Evaluation Commission under supervision of the International Affairs workgroup (or any other workgroup assigned by the former) and the all related prerequisites to take the necessary certificate must be evaluated based on the bylaw.

3. Participating at least for six month in Persian Language training courses and taking score 14 in its final examination.

Note 7: Those students who have been admitted by the representatives of the Edalat University or students of joint universities who intend to educate in the University's postgraduate plan are exempted from paragraph (b) of article 3.

Note 8: Those students who intend to educate in the postgraduate plan of the Edalat University, in majors which are taught in English Language, are exempted from paragraph (b) of article 3.

4. Non-Iranian applicants who have received their certificate from one of Iranian universities which are verified by the Ministry of Science and they will be graduated by the September 22 of that year and intend to participate in the entrance exam of MS or PhD plans need an interdiction letter and permission from the students affairs center to the related specialized secretariat.


5. Participation and admission to the written examination of PhD plan

A) Admission to this exam depends on gaining at least 70% of the last Iranian admitted participant in the related major and place.


6. The following list is exempted from paying tuition, if they are accepted to the entrance examination:

A) One who has gained the highest score in the entrance exam of each year

The round-trip ticket of airline and all other personal costs such as food, transportation must be paid by applicants.


7. If a participant is admitted through concords and scholarship admission agreements between the Edalat University and other countries, all tuitions must be paid by the other party.

8. Dorms will be supplied for the Non-Iranian admitted ones after taking the relevant costs.

Note 9: The admitted ones during their staying in Iran are bound to follow all regulations and to respect all values of the Islamic Republic of Iran and in the case of violation they will be treated according to the regulations.


Note 10: The admission council will do necessary coordination to convert visas and to issue accommodation license to the admitted one up to end of their training course and will conduct necessary measures for their arrival and departure.

Note 11: If their accommodation license is canceled by the qualified authorities, they will have no right.

Note 12: The Edalat University is bound to embark on extending its international students' accommodation license at least two months before their expiration date.

Note 13: Certificate of graduation of these people will be sent to their original country after they returned to their home.

9. Admission of students is only valid for the year in which one applies and If the admitted one fails to begin its education, it will be considered as resignation from education and the admitted have no right.


4. How representatives of the Edalat University can apply for postgraduate plans

1. Representative of Edalat University in any other country is bound to send list of students with their certificates and documents before September 22 for the first semester and before December 22 for the second semester to the admission council. The information must be sent based on terms specified in the agreement made between the representative and the Edalat University.

2. In accordance with the terms specified in article 12 of the bylaw, the Edalat university is bound to report name list of all students, including those who are introduced by the transmission council and those who are transferred directly by the university, to the council's secretariat located at the General Department for the Students Affairs at least 2 months after enrolment date.

3. The tuition cost of first semester and second semester will be announced in March and September to the Edalat University.

4. Lessons are taught to the international students in English or Arabic, which is specified by the department managers.

5. List of necessary certificates for enrolling students by the international affairs deputy after asking from the qualified authorities will be announced.

6. The international affairs deputy is the university's legal representative in transferring students to enrollments out of the country.

7. The Education and Postgraduate Education Deputy must announce the capacity of admitting students for each major at least three months before each semester to the admission council.

This bylaw including 4 articles and 21 paragraphs and 13 notes was approved by the trustee board of the Edalat University on……… and will come into force  on…….. and all directives and bylaws which violate will be cancelled.




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